The Proposal At A Glance

Learn about our exciting plans for 5 Capri Road.

View looking northeast from Highway 427
Surface parking area and vacant land directly south of the existing building
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The Site

On-site today is a 24-storey purpose-built rental building (Capri Towers) constructed in the early 1970s, with surface and underground parking. The southern portion of the site, beyond the surface parking area and before the neighbouring school field, consists of a large area of vacant space. There are a number of opportunities to create additional housing and city-building opportunities to serve both existing residents and the broader community.


Proposal at
a glance

Improvements at Capri Towers

Currently, the building has a party room on the ground floor and a small play structure on the southern part of the surface parking lot. The redevelopment proposal will include adding new additional indoor amenity space to the building as well as new and improved outdoor amenity spaces.

Improving the pedestrian experience

The proposal includes a comprehensive landscape plan that will improve the overall site design and function. New walkways will link the new and existing buildings to the new public road, outdoor amenity spaces, public park, and provide connections through the site. Proposed features, including a community garden and a fitness circuit, will support health and wellness in the community.

A new public park and POPS

The development proposal features a new public park and POPS (privately-owned publicly accessible open space) which will be available to all residents and community members to enjoy.

Introducing new community assets

The proposal includes a two-storey daycare to support new and growing families. In addition, a bike café retail concept has also been introduced. This hybrid bike shop and café, in addition to the project’s plentiful bike parking and multiple Bike Share stations, will help support a culture of cycling in the area.


New residential units


Dedicated to a new public park


POPS (privately-owned publicly accessible open space)




Bike Café